A huge month with lots of great projects.

Pictured below are education students trying out squishy circuits for the first time. They made their own batches of conductive and insulative playdough at home and use the Makerspace electronics consumables to get an idea of how to make parallel circuits. They were able to get a plan together to start teaching young students about electricity.

A huge 3D printed sign for the Leadership Conversations series.

A student working on an extracurricular project for a client at Toowoomba Hand Therapy. This hand splint was made by 3D scanning a cast of the patient’s hand and 3D printed. This project is a custom disability aid which will be a huge benefit to the client and also be a great portfolio project for the student.

An industry placement student project to make a wound model for training on a foot. The student 3D modelled on various cuts, gashes, blisters and burns, 3D printed the feet and painted the models.

A portable printing press made by an arts student to create mini prints. This file is from the Open Press Project.

These are 3D printed replica platypus skulls made buy a wildlife lecturer interested in making the specimen collection more accessible. We 3D scanned original skulls and created these copies which can be easily handled by students without damage risk to the originals.